Mezzanine Column Protectors

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Mezzanine Column Protectors 

At last, a column protector suited not only for mezzanine floor columns, but all structural columns needing a close fitting protector that can provide light duty impact protection without causing an obstruction or trip hazard injury risk to personnel operating in the vicinity.

The new Soft Hug from Mpm is the ideal column protector for all types of columns and structures requiring adequate, compact protection. 

9 different sizes to suit a wide variety of structural posts and mezzanine floor columns ranging from 80mm to 600mm square columns.

Soft Hug column protectors are 1.8m high for full column protection the most exposed sections on structural posts and building columns.

Stand out safety colour - No obstructions or bulky footplates - Literally hugs the column!

Velcro fastening for quick and easy installation without the need for fixings or specialist fitters.

Soft Hug Column Protectors - the new addition to the Mpm protection range, available now from Equiptowork.

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