Widespan Shelving WS3000

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Widespan Shelving is the storage solution for when you need to store bulky, heavy items but don't need to use forklifts or pallet racking?                               Widespan Shelving or Longspan shelving as it is also referred to, is a strong industrial shelving system for all round use where heavier loads are required in commercial warehouses and stores. 

Widespan - Longspan - Heavy Duty Shelving - Shelving for warehousing, shelving for stores and when you need to store goods that are not suitable for smaller shelving units.

The WS3000 widespan system is the larger brother to the WS2000 widespan shelving system seen elsewhere on this site. Utilising economical chipboard or steel shelf panels, WS3000 widespan shelving also has a unique multifunctional frame system that offers greater flexibility and strength than its smaller sibling with an unrivalled versatility: frame heights for example of up to 12m high, huge bay loads of 10,000kgs, and a very adaptable selection of accessories.

Wide chipboard shelf panels for Longspan provide  durability, plus moisture resistance and easier cleaning than comparative chipboard shelves.

A versatile storage system that uses MF-40 MultiFunction frames with either MultiPlus Shelves or dedicated Widespan beams.

MultiFunction frames and beams enable this system to accept a greater variety of accessories - steel wire dividers, deck supports, partitioning rods, and alternative decking materials. Cross-braced frames are standard for superior strength and can also be used in two-tier and taller storage shelf systems.

A perfect system for where non-palletised and heavier manually loaded products are stored.

25mm adjustable shelf pitch 

Steel panel options also available.

Galvanised steel frames, steel beams with chipboard shelves * -  easy to build, easy to expand on.

For loads up to 500kgs UDL per shelf and bay loads in excess of 2000kgs

WS3000 shelving bays are available now in two different standard heights 2.5m and 3.0m high

2.5m high bays - complete with 4 no. storage levels 

3.0m high bays - complete with 5 no. storage levels 


two bay depths 600mm or 1000mm deep


two shelf widths 2250mm or 2500mm wide

* WS3000 Widespan shelving bays are supplied with chipboard shelf levels as standard- however if you prefer the steel shelf panel option, please contact us for full details.

Starter and extension bays mean you can build runs to suit your particular storage area.

Quality industrial shelving with a 3-year guarantee and readily available components.

Need more shelves? You can purchase additional shelf levels to go with any of the systems here- shelf levels comprise two horizontal steel beams plus chipboard decking panels - just simply add the shelf level size to match the system chosen via the screen option shown above.

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Widespan Multi Purpose Shelving

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