Shelf Bins

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Shelf Bins - Shelving Trays- Small Parts Storage Systems

Do you need a solution for storing small, loose components on shelving systems?  Do you want a durable storage product that is available in a variety of sizes to store small but vital components?  Do you store nuts, bolts, washers, automotive or electronic components?

These top-selling industrial quality shelf bins are the perfect storage solution for all kinds of loose components and small parts, open topped shelf bins or shelf trays that can be used with shelving systems, in cabinets and on worktops.

Shelf bins are constructed in a hard wearing reinforced design, made from durable polypropylene. The shelf bins are intended for years of service, and can be fully recyled.

A shelving tray system that can be used on a multitude of contemporary shelf systems.

Shelf bins in a wide choice of options to fit popular metric shelving systems or as stand-alone small parts storage container.

Optional shelf bin stops, when fitted, prevent shelving trays from pulling out of the shelf level.

Separating dividers can be fitted to each shelving bin to create designated storage compartments within each shelf tray. Label holders for shelving bins are also available as an accessory to aid parts identification.

These semi open-fronted storage shelf bins are available in four depths to suit modern metric shelf sizes: 

Standard volume shelf bins are 95mm high (please see the 150mm versions for larger sized storage shelf bins)

All Shelf Bins are now available to buy in new economical multi-packs!

Choose from Four shelf bin depths +  Four Shelf Bin Widths

300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm deep x 90mm wide - available in packs of 40 shelf bins

300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm deep x 120mm wide - available in packs of 30 shelf bins

300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm deep x 150mm wide - available in packs of 20 shelf bins

300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm deep x 240mm wide - available in packs of 15 shelf bins

Shelf bins are supplied in blue as standard with red, yellow, green or ESD black being the other colours available on request, just contact us for more details using the form shown on this page, or state the colours required when ordering on the notes section at check-out.

Shelf Bins can be supplied with optional clear tray dividers, labels or bin stops, please order these separately by visiting our shelf bin accessories page .

For more information on the best value storage shelf bins and shelving trays please contact us via the apps on this page or call us today on 0800 689 1264

PARTS STORAGE NEWS : we have added a new shelf bin size! As part of the latest developments in the popular shelf bin storage range - a high volume Shelf Bin size 500mm x 180mm x 110mm high is also available to order now in packs of 20.

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