MultiPlus Shelving, the complete solution for all industrial and commercial shelving requirements. MultiPlus shelving doesn't just fit into one product category: its an all steel bolt-less shelving system designed for functional, adaptable, multi-purpose use with future-proof availability from an award winning design.

Secure steel shelving with a bullet proof build quality for years of service and ease of maintenance. Industrial Shelving made with the famed 'mittelstand' commitment to quality and durability.

Innovative product design and easy installation thanks to modular and expandable components, create a shelving system that grows and adapts when you need it to. 

Creative engineering has provided a collection of steel shelving products and accessories to handle a multiple range of storage needs from one shelving system. An industry unique availability guarantee of 10 years, made by a company that has been manufacturing shelving for 100 years, ensures that the shelving you need today will still be here for you to expand tomorrow and for many years to come after that.

With certified shelf loads from 85kgs to over 400kgs, a wide variety of sizes and accessories with a quality approved design help make MultiPlus the do it all storage solution for all your commercial shelving requirements.  

Industrial Steel Shelving with a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Hard wearing, easy to clean Galvanised finish on all shelving components 
  • Steel shelves wont chip, stain, sag or absorb moisture 
  • Bolt-free system saves hours on installation time
  • Popular sizes available on short lead times
  • Quick, easy, fully adjustable shelves on a 25mm shelf pitch
  • Shelving Starter bays and extension bays in open or clad formats to build any size run 
  • Suitable for one bay of shelving or multiple bays of shelving, small store rooms, complete warehouse units or two tier storage facilities.
  • Ideal for the warehouse and stores, retail, POS, office, garage, workshop, home and anywhere a long lasting, multipurpose shelving system is needed
  • Maximum shelf loads engraved on each shelf to aid load safety awareness
  • MP150 versions use unique low profile shelves to maximise storage space and reduce the need for high units
  • An excellent shelving system for Automotive parts storage and Auto Professionals 
  • Purpose built shelf accessories for Tyre and Wheel storage 
  • Garment rail storage and PPE kit storage bays available
  • Kan-Ban and Roller Track Storage bays available for use with the same modular Shelving system
  • Shelving units can be purchased with Shelf Trays, Parts Bins or Euro Box Containers for a complete storage solution
  • Unrivalled 5 year product warranty 
  • 10 year parts availability guarantee
  • RAL approved shelving designs
  • GS tested shelving system
  • Award winning design 

This is "the Shelving System" for the professional user and customer who wants the best all round storage system, using the best quality parts, at the best value for money.

Check out the video below to also see the ease in which the MultiPlus Shelving system can be put together in comparison to bolted shelving systems.