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If you have just purchased or you are considering a new purchase of one of the outstanding Adlatus Electronic Workbench models, you may want to consider upgrading from the standard workbench concept with the addition of these beneficial workbench accessories, specifically intended for the adjustable height Electronic Workbench models.

The electronic workbench accessory options on offer here, enable even greater versatility for your electric workbench - and provide storage features that can be utilised as a computer workstation, workplace desk, home office desk and all-round worktable duties, all the while with the added benefits of electronic height adjustment that i sonly available with an electric workbench purchase.

Electronic workbench accessories are available to be fitted to the following workbenches in the electronic Adlatus workbench range: The S150 (light duty bench) S300 (middle weight bench) and the S600 (heavy duty electronic work bench)  

4 Position Memory Control - for the push button height adjustment unit

CPU Holder  - for computer storage under the workbench

Retractable Keyboard Holder & storage unit

Under-bench Storage and Drawer Units - 1, 2 and 3 drawer storage units * plus single door cabinets for storage under the worktop - * please note these drawer units are only fitted to S300 electric workbench models - for S150 and S600 model drawer units please speak to us first. Single door cabinets can be fitted to any of the three EHA workbenches shown.

We also offer a selection of mobile drawer pedestals for placing underneath the workbench, alongside our universal range of accessories for adding to the Worktops of both electronic and manually adjustable workbench models. For further details of these items please contact us through the apps on this page.

Outstanding adjustable-height Electronic Workbenches are available to buy online today - click here for details of adjustable height benches from the Adlatus model range.


Please note that we recommend the above workbench accessories are ordered and factory fitted at the same time as your workbench order, as it is not possible to retro fit some of the items featured. Prices are based on being fitted and delivered with a EHA workbench order.  

Adjustable Electronic Workbench

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