Professional Parts Bins/ Storage Racks

  • £ 313.89

Complete Parts Bin Storage Racks with our premium range of professional Parts Bins included. 

Using the top quality Rasterplan Parts Bin and single sided or double sided, modular Storage Racks. These parts bin storage racks enable a flexible sized, movable range of storage walls to keep the busy workplace organised and efficient.

Immediate access to small parts storage, for your workplace when it needs a varied range of components to hand.

Single and double sided versions

Sturdy steel frames - modular construction - light grey finish

Rasterplan modular tool and louvre board panels

Impact and scratch resistant plastic coating

Premium range Rasterplan parts bins- can be hung horizontally even when fully loaded

Supplied as all you need complete workshop kits

Hidden fixing holes in the base enable floor anchoring

German built & engineered for long lasting cost effective storage.

Free shipping on all parts bin rack kits.

All models are 1000mm wide             4 different height kits

240mm deep single sided models & 430mm deep double sided models

Single Sided Model Height -          Bin Quantities

  • Model 21: 760mm H supplied with 12 x size 6, 16 x size 7, 24 x size 8
  • Model 31: 1100mm H supplied with 6 x size 6, 48 x size 7, 16 x size 8
  • Model 41: 1450mm H supplied with 12 x size 6, 64 x size 7, 16 x size 8
  • Model 51: 1790mm H supplied with 30 x size 6, 72 x size 7

Double Sided Rack Model Height -  Bin Quantities

  • Model D23: 760mm H supplied with 80 x size 7, 32 x size 8
  • Model D36: 1100mm H supplied with 24 x size 6, 80 x size 7, 48 x size 8
  • Model D42: 1450mm H supplied with 72 x size 6, 32 x size 7, 48 x size 8
  • Model D54: 1790mm H supplied with 132 x size 5 bins.

Supplied with Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Louvre Back Panels as standard - Light Grey RAL7035 &  Gentian Blue RAL5010 also available on request

Racks are supplied with the standard mixture of bin colours unless otherwise requested.

Parts Bin sizes (see individual kits for quantity combinations)

L x W X H in mm

  • Parts Bin 5: 290 x 140 x 130mm
  • Parts Bin 6: 230 x 140 x 130mm
  • Parts Bin 7: 160 x 105 x 75mm
  • Parts Bin 8: 85 x 105 x 45mm

Mobile versions of parts bin storage racks are also available - follow this page link

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