Wine Rack

Wine Racks

  • £ 264.99

Wine Racks. Storage Racks for storing Wine. Conveniently and neatly store Wine bottles on their side in these sturdy steel storage racks.

The Wine racks are available in two sizes, to store up to 72 or 96 bottles per rack respectively and each have an additional standard shelf storage level to hold boxes of wine and other items. A fully adjustable Wine Rack systemthat has storage levels which can be adjusted in 25mm increments for maximum storage adaptability.

An attractive wine bottle storage unit constructed with easily assembled steel components, with Black vertical shelving posts and a Silver coated paint finish on the bottle inserts and storage shelf. Suitable for both commercail or domestic storage of wine and other bottled beverages.

Fast loading and unloading of stored bottles.

Quick visual awareness of stock levels.

5-year product warranty.

Buy in either of two unit heights 1830mm high with 9 no. storage levels suitable to store 72 no.bottles or 2300mm high with 12 no. bottle storage sections to store up to 96 bottles - both Wine Rack options are 1000mm wide x 250mm deep.

Additional wine storage levels and plain shelves may also be purchased, please contact us for details using the contact button on the site.


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