Storage Boxes 600mm x 400mm

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Euro Containers and storage boxes. Standard sized Euro containers available here in the popular 600 x 400mm storage box size, and in 6 different heights. A solid, stable container for transport, warehousing storage and logistics purposes.

Industrial plastic storage containers sold in the best selling euro standard size of 600mm long x 400mm wide, in six popular heights ranging from 120mm high up to the large capacity 420mm high box.

Euro box sizes are optimised for industry norms and sized to fit conventional euro pallets for ease of transport and to maximise storage capacity for freight forwarding.

Durable plastic storage boxes in a grey finish as standard, resistant to commonly used acids and alkalines, dimensionally stable with smooth sidewalls for long-lasting use and resistance to crushing when stacked or shipped.

Storage Boxes are supplied as standard in Light Grey (Blue or Red also available)

Integral handles for easy handling and  transport 

Easy clean smooth internal side walls

Food safe environmentally friendly storage containers

Suitable for use with conveyors and storage machinery

600mm wide x 400mm deep plastic storage box - a popular standard euro container size for all purpose storage and used throughout the logistics and transport industries.

Top quality plastic storage crates and containers at competitive prices 

600 x 400mm Euro Containers in SIX different Heights *  

Choose from 

120mm high storage boxes

180mm high storage boxes

220mm high storage boxes 

270mm high storage boxes

320mm high storage boxes 

420mm high storage boxes

Product supplied may differ slightly from pictured images. There is no minimum order quantity but a minimum carriage charge applies. 

 * please be advised that the carrier may charge import fees on UK deliveries.

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