Truck Wheel Guides

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Truck Wheel Guides for the safe guidance of trucks entering loading bays. Now at last there's an impact resistant polymer alternative to steel, created to form safer entrance lines and lanes for Trucks and Vehicles entering and exiting loading bays in distribution centres and the warehouse storage industry.

MPM Truck Line is a range of innovative guide rails specifically intended to protect against costly damage to commercial loading bays and docking areas from Trucks and heavy duty Vehicles.

MPM truck wheel guides can be securely ground fixed to create straight or angled truck lanes and reference points for each Truck or Wheeled Vehicle that needs to be reversed into position.

Safe and Secure; Truck Wheel Guides will save you countless pounds in accidental damage repairs to commercial buildings and premises. 

Available in over six different standard lengths to enable you to build a variety structure sizes and angles to suit your individual truck lane requirements.

MPMs extra resilient Reflex technology is at the core of all Truck and Wheel Guides for superior impact absorption and maintenance free service. No rust, no painting, and highly visible these are the Guard Rails with real "bouncebackability".

MPM truck line: Guard Rails, Truck Guides, and Wheel Guides for extra workplace safety, protection and security from

150mm high polymer profiles with discreet and shielded anchoring point, that enable a flush with the ground fitting of each truck guide-rail.

Supplied complete with ground fixing bolts, and available to buy now in the following lengths.

TL 500mm -   sold in six sections per order/pack

TL 750mm -   sold in six sections per order/pack 

TL 1000mm - sold in six sections per order/pack 

TL 1500mm - sold in six sections per order/pack 

The above sizes are sold in minimum quantity orders of Six sections - please speak to us if you require truck guide rails supplied in other quantities.

We can also supply longer one piece lengths of 2000mm, 3000mm and 4000mm L wheel guide sections. Just contact us for delivered details for these larger guide rail sizes. 

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