Wall Guards

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Wall Guards

Wall Hug is the new Wall Guard from MPM.

A slimmed down alternative to the higher profile B-Flex wall bumpers, Wall Hug has a 130mm high single buffer wall guard profile.

Sharing the same Reflex Technology as used throughout the full range of MPM protection products, Wall Hug provides a slim line, ultra resilient wall guard for industrial walls and commercial properties.

Unique polymer design and build, gives Wall Hug superior impact resistance and ability to quickly reform.

130mm High Curved Wall Guard Profile

Easy to clean

Sunburst Yellow finish for improved awareness - no painting or maintenance required

Fire resistant Class V-0

Rot proof

Scratch Proof

Non Toxic

100% Recyclable

Resistant to humidity and salinity

Quick and easy to install

1 Pair of End Caps are included with each Wall Guard

Wall Hug: available to buy now in economically priced standard lengths:

Choose from a selection of 1.0m L , 2.0m L, 3.0m L, 4.0m L sizes

 please note wall fixings are not included

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