Pallet Racking Protectors

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Pallet Racking Protectors

No Clips, No Straps, No Bolts, No Floor Damage.
Outstanding Warehouse Racking protection with Reflex Technology Pallet Racking Protectors from Equiptowork.
Simple to install, our pallet racking protectors form a safe and cost effective rack protection system.
Pallet racking protectors guard the racking legs and racking frame posts on pallet racking systems against costly and potentially dangerous impacts from fork lift trucks and other warehouse traffic hazards.
These innovative 600mm high pallet racking protectors are extra resilient and feature superior impact absorption thanks to a triple shock Reflex Technology design.
TÜV impact tested product to DIN EN15512

The outstanding Pallet Racking Protectors with "bouncebackability"

Our Pallet Racking protectors are easy to install without the need for specialist fitters, simply click into place using the RP Click Tool * and the pallet racking protectors stay firmly in place, with no twisting on the racking upright and no need for any bolts, clips or straps. Each pallet racking protector can also be removed with the same RP Click Tool to quickly facilitate pallet racking inspections. 
Reflex technology Pallet Racking Protectors are suitable for all pallet racking uprights and are available in three main profiles S- M- L- for a precision fit on the many makes of pallet racking systems in use today.






 RPS 600 - for Standard Duty pallet racking legs with 60-80mm wide profiles

Buy from only £21.50 per guard when you buy in

Boxes of 6 for only £129 per box

(normal price £22.99 per rack guard)


 RPM 600 - for Medium Duty pallet racking legs with 80-100 mm wide profiles

Available in economical box quantities for

Only £99.99 per box of 4

(normal price £26.99 per rack guard)


 RPL 600 - for Heavy Duty and XL rack posts with 100-120mm wide profiles

Only £28.00 each when you buy in money saving twin-packs at only £56 per pack

  * RP CLICK INSTALLTION TOOL - only £26.21 per pair

 **The RP click tool is required for safe and rapid installation of Mpm pallet racking protectors. Check out the video installation guide above to see the quick and easy fitting procedure.

Trade enquiries welcome

Further discounts available on pallet quantity bulk orders

Prices shown exclude VAT & shipping ( charge applies)

If you are unsure of the best pallet racking protector for your racking system, please send us a pic of your pallet racking post or contact us on 0800 689 1264 and we will be happy to advise.
  • Quick and easy to install with the RP click tool 
  • Highly visible deterrant for added safety awareness
  • Allows rapid removal for rack inspections 
  • High impact absorption system to withstand repeated damage
  • Very competitively priced 
  • Ultra tough, flexible design thanks to the Triple Shock Reflex material
  • Can be cost-effectively fitted in seconds without specialised installers
  • Won't damage the warehouse floor 
  • Easy to clean and maintainence free
  • No rust
  • Accurate range of profiles ensure proper fitting to the rack posts
  • Minimum loss of storage space
  • Precise fittings require no straps or clips to stay in place
  • Fire resistant properties as standard
  • Protects three sides of the racking leg, not just the front 
  • Scratch resistant
  • Low carbon, energy efficent production process compared to steel 
  • No toxic paint or lead materials used
  • Can be 100% recycled
  • 600mm high for extra racking protection
  • Won’t damage the fork lift or pallet truck
  • Manufactured at a newly built energy efficient facility in Europe 
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