Workshop Standing Supports

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Standing all day at work and need to sometimes give your legs a rest? These new Workshop standing supports are a great solution for those moments in the working day when you need to give your back and legs a little extra support.The ErgoPlus workshop stools help to boost well being and productivity for the workforce in all types of industry. A standing and sitting aid for the relief and comfort of people needing to stand for long periods at work.

Take the weight off your feet when standing all day at a workbench, desk, production line or other workplace situation where you need to stand for long periods. Ergonomically designed Anti-Fatique workshop stools to aid productivity, provide relieve for back muscles, legs and the spine, in situations requiring standing at work. ErgoPlus Stools help create a break in the permanent posture of standing all day, to enable a variation and a change of movement in your working day, anti-fatique seating aids are beneficial for circulation and concentration, and an aid to those at work recovering from an injury or suffering ongoing back problems.

ErgoPlus workshop stools are foldable to move with you to other working locations or neatly pack away or store under a workbench when not in use.

An anti fatique stool with various finishing options.

  • Foam Padded Seats with beech ply bases and three choices of fabric cover or
  • Skai Black padded or Beech Plywood seats, plus four choices of stand colour.
  • Adjustable back supports and seats in stepless stages
  • Solid sturdy frames 
  • Breathable seating materials for added comfort 
  • Height adjustable from 550mm to 900mm 

Seat & Back Support Options are available as follows:

Dark Blue Fabric, Light Grey Fabric, Dark Grey Fabric 

or Skai Black 

or Solid Beech Plywood 

Standing Frame Options  are light grey, jet black, traffic red and aluminium 

Support your workforce with the ErgoPlus standing aid from EquiptoWork.

Workshop Stools, Standing Supports and Anti Fatique Products, available to buy now at new Lower Prices!

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