Pallet Racking Protection Barriers

  • £ 294.49

Pallet Racking Protection Barriers are to protect the exposed ends of Pallet Racking. Warehouse Barriers or specifically Pallet Racking Protection End Barriers prevent damage from Fork Lift Trucks to the vulnerable end sections on pallet racking systems and safeguard against other forms of mechanical handling equipment. These double rail rack end protection barriers from MPM can be considered one of the most resilient models on the market; a thick, polymer twin spar frame helps each racking protection barrier absorb repeated impacts from warehouse traffic and prevent expensive damage to both stock and pallet racking in the most vulnerable sections of a distribution centre or warehouse.

Maintain good health & safety in your warehouse, fit pallet racking protection barriers, and protect your staff and goods from potentially dangerous racking accidents.

  • outstanding pallet racking protection
  • economic warehouse stock insurance
  • twin tube rails for added resistance to impacts
  • scratch resistant
  • superior shock absorption from Reflex Technology polymers
  • maintenance free
  • longer lasting
  • cost effective
  • easy to clean
  • no corrosion
  • TÜV tested and approved safety product
  • highly visible deterrent - bright yellow finish
  • free fixing accessories included with all orders
  • customise your rack end protection barriers - with contrasting colour clips for added safety awareness & extra visibility

Mpm - the pallet rack protection barriers with true "bouncebackability"  are available in two standard lengths 1100mm or 2400mm long to suit single or double deep racking end sections.

LM - Rack End Protection Barriers are 500mm high to protect against heavier loads and Fork lift trucks.

Galvanised steel footplate fixings are included free of charge with every order.

Racking Protection Barriers in other sizes- or continuous LM heavy duty racking end protection barriers in 2m lengths and other sizes are also available, please contact us for more details.

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CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN RACKING PROTECTION BARRIERS:  You can now customise the popular LM rack end protection barriers to create even greater safety awareness and higher visibility in your warehouse, simply by using the new CLIP 90 coloured trims. Highlights each barrier to help organise stock control and aid safety awareness with even greater stand out visibility.

CLIP 90's are available in Red, Black, Blue or Green and simply clip over the yellow rail sections on LM Rack End Barriers, to customise your safety barrier rail.

Order CLIP 90's with your LM Rack End Barrier purchase for only £1.99 per piece stating your preferred colour in the message box at checkout. 

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