Safety Guards & Barriers

Welcome to the outstanding range of protection products from Mpm. A comprehensive collection of warehouse safety barriers, pallet racking guards, column guards, safety bollards, guard rails.

The unique Reflex construction, innovative design and highly visible yellow finish are common features across the complete range of safety guards, warehouse barriers and pallet rack protectors that make the Mpm range stand out from the rest.

Workplace Safety Guards and Barriers

  • Pallet Racking Protectors
  • Warehouse Safety Barriers
  • Pallet Rack Guards and Barriers
  • Rack End Protection Barriers
  • Safety Bollards and Parking Posts
  • Guard Rails
  • Pedestrian Safety Barriers
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Column Guards
  • Racking Corner Guards
  • Truck Line Guards
  • Door Frame Guards
  • Warehouse Safety Barriers
  • Wall Bumpers
  • Airport Barriers

    Flexible yet highly resilient Mpm safety guards and rack protectors provide a safe barrier and superior resistance against damage from fork lift trucks, transport vehicles and other commonly found hazards inside and outside the workplace and warehouse.

    Mpm safety barriers can save logistics industries and warehouse storage companies thousands in costly damage repairs to premises and pallet rack structures. When using Mpm safety barriers, these easy to install, cost effective warehouse and racking protection systems also benefit many other industries, such as Airports, Transport Hubs, Educational Establishments and Railway Networks, thanks to the all-round protection provided by the TÜV tested and EN compliant safety guards and barrier products.

    Protecting People, Protecting Property, exceptional safety guards and barriers that are 100% recyclable, highly resistant to damage, easy to maintain and have the ability to absorb more than one impact.

    See the difference for yourself; Mpm warehouse safety barriers, racking protectors  and column protectors are available to buy now at Equiptowork.

    Buy the safety barriers with true "Bouncebackability"

    MPM Warehouse Protectors