Corner Protectors

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Flexi- Line Corner Protectors

Protect yourself with Flexi Line, our new range of Corner Protectors specifically intended to provide a soft bumper on exposed corners or edges. Flexi Line corner protectors provide cushioned impact protection on wall corners, solid obstructions, overhead hazards, buildings, racking systems and form a safe guard against exposed rough edges on right angled structures.

Hitting your head is unpleasant and not without it's dangers, now with the new Flexi Line corner protectors you can form a protective guard against hard exposed edges, and rough surfaces on corners that can be commonly found throughout workplace buildings, on machinery and in low level or confined work areas.

As well as a cushioning bumper to protect from injury and damages, the new Flexi Line Corner Protectors make for a high visual deterrent by highlighting awareness of workplace hazards with the stand out Yellow/Black or Red/White coloured designs.

A corner protector with a compact curved profile that protects without being obtrusive.

Flexi Line corner protectors, corner bumpers, corner guards are simple to fit and install, simply cut to fit from 3m* long sections or use the standard length 1 metre length bumper guards that are available to buy here today.

Corner edge protectors are supplied with double sided self adhesive backing - on both inside edges of each corner protector for easy installation and quick adherence to clean surfaces. 

Cushion the blow with Flexi Line Corner Protectors the cost effective industrial bumper guards to protect you and your staff from solid corners, rough edges and overhead working hazards.

Corner Protectors are available now in standard 1 metre pre-cut lengths and 2 colour options:

1m Long in Black/Yellow or 1m Long Red/White - Flexi Line 

* For the longer 3m L edge protectors please contact us first for price and shipping details.

Do you also need a protector to help prevent trip hazards in your workplace?  - click here for details 

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