Mobile Parts Bin Racks

  • £ 323.32

Mobile Parts Bin Racks. Complete mobile storage units with our premium range of professional Parts Bins. Using the top quality Rasterplan Parts Bin and single sided or double sided, mobile, modular storage racks. These mobile parts bin storage racks enable a flexible small parts storage solution to keep the busy workplace organised at maximum efficiency.

Immediate access to small parts and components, wherever you pick parts for assembly and repair work.

Mobile parts bin racks in single and double-sided versions with a variety of storage bins.

Sturdy steel frames and top quality panels - modular construction - with a light grey finish, built for the professional workplace.

Supplied as all you need complete mobile kits.

Equipped with 2 trestle wheels and 2 steering wheels with stoppers.

Castors have non-marking light grey tyres  - Racks have twin ergonomic grip handles.

Engineered for long lasting, cost-effective, mobile parts picking

All mobile parts bin racks featured are 1000mm wide and 500mm deep.

Two single sided options and three double-sided models are available in 3 trolley  sizes via a quick delivery service from stock.

For other sizes and combinations of mobile parts bin racks please contact us for further details.

          Models -   Sizes  - Bin Quantity's 

  • Model 61: Single Sided trolley size 2 model, 890mm high supplied with 12 x size 6, 32 x size 7 parts bins = Total 42 parts bins
  • Model 64: Double Sided trolley size 2 model, 890mm high supplied with 24 x size 6, 32 x size 7 and 48 x size 8 bins = Total 52 parts bins
  •  Model 71: Single Sided trolley size 3 model, 1230mm high supplied with 12 x size 6,  40 x size 7 & 24 x size 8 bins = Total 76 parts bins
  •  Model 79: Double Sided trolley size 3 model 1230mm high supplied with 12 x  size 5, 12 x size 6, and 96 x size 7 bins = Total 120 parts bins
  • Model 86:  Double Sided trolley size 4 model 1580mm high supplied with 24 x size 5, 48 x size 6, and 64 x size 7 bins = Total 176 parts bins
Supplied with Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 Louvre Back Panels as standard - Light Grey RAL7035 &  Gentian Blue RAL5010 also available on request.

Racks are supplied with the standard mixture of bin colours unless otherwise requested.

Parts Bin sizes (see individual kits for quantity combinations)

L x W X H in mm

  • Parts Bin 5: 290 x 140 x 130mm
  • Parts Bin 6: 230 x 140 x 130mm
  • Parts Bin 7: 160 x 105 x 75mm
  • Parts Bin 8: 85 x 105 x 45mm

Static rack versions of our parts bin storage racks are also available please follow this page link

High quality clear top Bin Lids, fully compatible with the parts bins are also available to buy on this page.

Please contact us if you require other sizes or alternative mobile bin rack combinations.

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