Heavy Duty Safety Barriers

  • £ 419.52

Introducing the new Link LM, the only adjustable twin rail safety barrier for extra heavy duty use. Safety barriers using superior Reflex technology from Mpm for heavy duty guard use. Highly visible and effective safety barriers can be used in a variety of locations thanks to adaptable designs and linking corners.

Link LM is perfect for continous safety barrier runs and makes an effective, secure traffic barrier when sited in front of sensitive work areas, power supply units and easily damaged, high risk areas, or high value frontage such as glass windows, where a clearly visible and heavy duty safety barrier is needed to protect against traffic and machinery.

Extra tough, class leading barrier safety from Mpm, traffic barriers, adjustable safety barriers, fork lift protection barriers, and warehouse protection barriers.

Uniquely adapatable, ideal heavy duty safety barriers for busy traffic areas, other vulnerable areas and external installations.

Twin rail sections on all barriers can be adjusted up and down the support posts.

Corner sections can be added to build continuous safety barrier runs.

Outstanding design using highly visible yellow polymers to aid awareness and barrier safety.

Double spar safety barrier for extra defence against busy traffic damage.

500mm high or 800mm high versions.

Link LM safety barriers are supplied in 2m long standard section lengths- with two posts, twin rails, plus all necessary fixings and can also be ordered in multiple sections for continuous run lengths. For barriers which are not 2m long sections, please contact us for pricing and details.

Price for the 2m long x 500mm high safety barrier is £419.52- complete with twin rail sections and two vertical sections with footplates


Price for the 2m long x 800mm high safety barrier is£448.88 - complete with twin rail sections and two vertical sections with footplates

HD Safety barriers are supplied with free galvanised fixings.

Prices exclude tax & shipping - which is added at checkout-where applicable

Barriers are available to order here as 2m long individual barrier sections, for pricing and more information on longer lengths of safety barrier and different barrier configurations please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

The only safety barrier with adjustable guard rail positions.

Other sizes and configurations are also available - please contact us for further details on these and all other products from Mpm protection profiles.

Mpm industrial traffic barriers are supplied in a stand out yellow finish for highly visible awareness and are uniquely designed with the Mpm Reflex technology for durable yet flexible impact resistance.

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