Electric Height Adjustable Work-Table S150

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The S150 Electric Height Adjustable Work-Table. A top quality, ergonomically designed industrial Worktable with electric height adjustment. Electronic height adjustable workbenches and worktables give you the option to rapidly change from a "Sit to" or " Stand at" worktop position. An electric adjustable worktable can quickly change the worktop height so people short or tall, able or disabled, can comfortably work, this is often a must have for a busy workforce and where multiple users share the same workbench or work table. An electric worktable with fast and easy height adjustment will also allow the user to position work tasks in a more accessible position, saving much time and effort.

Electric height adjustable worktables are supplied in three different widths and with a choice of two high quality worktops for a wide variety of applications including industrial, commercial, home worker and educational use.

The S150 range of Electronic height adjustable worktables- can also make for a stylish and versatile worktable or desk if required, at home or work.

Height Adjustable Electric WorkTable with 150kg working lift capacity for Light to Medium Duty work and Office or Home Worker applications.

800mm deep worktops

400mm height adjustement range

Three different workbench widths of 1000mm wide, 1250mm wide or 1500mm wide

720mm work surface position adjustable up to 1120mm in worktop height

Quick and simple electric push button operation

Supplied fully assembled- ready to use

5 year quality guarantee

Electronic workbenches and worktables are supplied as either the easy clean, scratch resistant 22mm Melamine worktop model - or with the all natural 25mm Solid Beech classic worktop option.


In addition to the two worktop options available here, the S150 electronic workbench can be fitted with the following alternative worktops: Please contact us for more details on these worktop options.

22mm MDF - smooth surface plus 3mm ABS all round protective trim

Galvanised- hot dipped- Steel Worktop over timber core, 1.5mm thick steel cover lipped on leading front edge, 25mm overall profile.

Linoleum - mottled grey finish 2mm thick top surface, with a 23mm solid core and 3mm ABS edging all round - anti static & flame retardant surface, resistant to oils, fats and tar as well as some acids and solvents.

ESD worktop - melamine resin coated, conductive workbench top, 28mm thickness, wipe clean and abrasion resistant surfacewith ABS edging in light grey

A 1000mm deep version of the above electric worktable series is also available, plus the compact 750mm wide and larger 2000mm width worktable options are also available as alternative versions to the above sized worktables, just contact us via this page for more details.

Popular Optional Accessories - available include

4 Position Memory Control - for the push button height adjustment unit

CPU Holder  - for computer storage under the workbench

Retractable Keyboard Holder & storage unit

Under-bench Storage Units - single drawer and single door cabinets

To order accessories to go with your new electronic Workbench- follow the link here! 

Electric Height Adjustable Workbench

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