Parts Bin Accessories

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Parts Bin Accessories. Top Quality Accessories for the premium "Rasterplan" plastic parts bin range.Parts bin accessories to enhance the storage capabilities of the outstanding Rasterplan parts bin range.

Manufactured to the same high standard as the Rasterplan plastic storage bins, you can now buy clear plastic lids, grip rods, and white ID labels that are all fully compatible with the Rasterplan range of parts bins.

Transparent polystyrene lids for bin sizes 1-7 - clear lids that simply clip in place stopping the overflow of loose items while maintaining quick and easy visual inspection for stock checks. Turns the semi open fronted parts bin into an enclosed unit, great for transporting in vehicles or trolleys for example. 

Grip Rods for larger bins, sizes 1-4 - these rods can be retrofitted just by screwing through the pre-formed section in the parts bin side wall, help to securely move fully loaded and heavy bins, particularly useful on the larger bin sizes and where extra lifting hold is required.

Steel Dividers for bin sizes 1-4 - Longitudinal dividers made from steel to divide up the larger bin sizes and enable different stock pieces and small parts to be stored in one container bin.

White Identification Labels for all bin sizes 1-8 - identify stock parts and components,  these drop in white labels slip straight into the preformed slots on all the Rasterplan parts bins, once in position the integral label holder retains the label until you want to swop or alter the label. Sold in packs of 100, please state which bin size you require them for at the checkout. 

Transparent Label Covers for all bin sizes 1-8 - clear label fronts that fit into the same integral bin slot as the white ID labels. Sold in packs of 100, please state the bin size you need them for at order checkout.

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