Widespan Shelving WS2000

  • £ 256.85

Widespan Shelving systems. WS2000 - all steel shelving that features wider span shelves, ideal for storing larger bulky items.

Widespan Shelving is the all steel storage solution for industrial applications and wherever manually loaded, heavy duty shelving is required. 

A larger beam span than the MultiPlus shelving units seen elsewhere on this site, WS2000 is a versatile long-span shelving system, supplied complete with steel shelving frames, steel beams and steel deck panels.

Starting with shelf spans of 1500mm wide, and also available in 2000mm, 2250mm, and 2500mm widths. The WS2000 widespan system is unique in that it can accept the same steel shelf panels as used in the MultiPlus shelving systems, seen elsewhere on this site, enabling a bigger shelving system to have steel shelf panels and remain economically priced.

All steel galvanised longspan shelving giving more strength and durability, moisture resistance and easier cleaning than comparative chipboard shelves.

Easy picking of awkward goods with no cross bracing and full access to shelf levels from two sides.

A really versatile storage system that uses the same MultiPlus T Profile uprights as used in the premium quality MultiPlus Shelving system.

25mm adjustable shelf pitch 

All steel frames, steel beams, steel shelves -  easy to build, easy to expand.

For loads up to 400kgs UDL per shelf and bay loads up to 2000kgs

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Popular size WS2000 shelving bays are available now in two different storage bay heights: 2.0m high and 2.5m high *

2.0m high shelving bays - complete with 3 no. steel shelf levels

2.5m high shelving bays - complete with 4 no. steel shelf levels


two bay depths in 500mm or 800mm deep


two bay widths, either 1.5m or 2.0m wide

Starter and Extension bays enable you to build runs of shelving to suit your own storage area space and design.

Industrial Steel Shelving with a 3-year quality guarantee and GS approved safety design.

* If you don't see the size of shelving you need, please contact us for details of the many other sizes in the Widepsan shelving range.

For loads over 400kgs - please see the WS3000 Widespan shelving system via this page link.

Need more shelves? You can purchase additional shelf levels to go with any of the systems- shelf levels comprise two horizontal steel beams plus steel decking panels - just simply add the size to match the system chosen via the screen option shown above.

For any orders of four or more bays, please contact us today for money saving offers and for shipping in bulk quantities!

Shelving for Tyres

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