Office Shelving

  • £ 407.97

Office Shelving - Professional bolt-less steel shelving systems for the Office and Archive Stores from Schulte. 

A premium office shelving system with slim 25mm profile shelves providing a long term load capacity of 85 kg per level and maximum use of all shelving bay heights, thanks to the low profile shelves and sturdy shelving design.

Adjustable Office Shelving for file storage, the steel shelves have a unique backstop bar to prevent files being pushed off the back of the shelf, double deep bays have a central stopper for two-sided use.

Office shelving from Schulte with the Multiplus T Profile frames and adjustable shelves on a 25mm pitch, enable optimum storage space and extra options for different files and articles.

Attractive smooth-fronted frames in a Light Grey finish or a Black & Light Grey combination to blend in with your office environment.

Schulte office shelving is supplied as multi-bay runs for economical, maximum storage capacity.

300mm single depth units or 600mm double deep units in 2m high x 1m wide unit choices.

GS & RAL approved steel shelving systems manufactured in Germany with a 5-year warranty and a long term availablity guarantee to future-proof expansion and alterations to your office shelving plans.

Modular boltless components enable easy adjustments and a shelving system that is quick and easy to assembly.

Taller units, extra Shelves plus Shelf Dividers, Book Ends and Locking Doors are some of the useful accessories available to expand the Schulte Office shelving system.

Featured to purchase here are Office Shelving units with open plan frame systems comprising:

One Starter Bay and Two Extension bays to form a Three bay long run of 3060mm overall length and 336mm single depth bays or the double deep 636mm deep bays. 

Complete with 18 no. Shelves per run (enough for 6 shelves to each bay)

Each bay is 2000mm high x 1000mm wide and each overall run is complete with 3 no. bays in the shelving run.

300mm * deep shelves store 85kgs per level

600mm deep shelves store 150kgs per level

Choose from all Light Grey Shelving units or Black Frame Posts and Light Grey Shelf combinations in single sided or double sided shelving bays.

* 300mm deep units are supplied with wall anchoring clips

Extra shelves and bay units can be added to all Schulte office shelving systems

For office shelving requiring more than 85kg per shelf storage capacity, please contact us for details of the MultiPlus150 office shelving system for heavier duty applications up to 150kgs per shelf.

If your office shelving plan requires a different size? The same MultiPlus office system is available as 1800mm high or 2300mm high versions with 750mm wide or 1300m wide shelving bay options, please contact us if you would like further details of these models or other shelving systems from the Schulte Shelving range.

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