Safety Barriers

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The new B-Flex Safety Barrier from Mpm is here. A new safety barrier system for maximum resistance to impacts from heavy loads. The B-Flex safety barrier range offers excellent shock absorbing properties and a larger flexible impact zone for the high safety standards demanded in the modern workplace. 

Duo Bumper design with B-Flex technology for each safety rail 

Bigger Impact Protection from double barrier rails and larger impact zones

Suitable for heavy duty impact protection 

Shock Absorbing base plates aid deflection  

Quick and easy installation process.

Highly visible barrier colour for added safety awareness.

No exposed ends or sharp edging as with a traditional steel barrier profile.

Suitable for external and internal use.

Easy to clean and maintain for maximum hygiene and contamination protection. 

Mono Rail B-Flex Safety Barriers are 455mm high with 1 no. Duo Bumper included - front mounted duo design bumper rails - on barrier support posts with shock absorbing B-Flex mounting plates 

Duo Rail B-Flex Safety Barriers are 1100mm high - with 2 no. Duo Bumpers included - front mounted duo design bumper rails - on barrier support posts with shock absorbing B-Flex mounting plates. 

Both B-Flex Single Rail 455mm h Safety Barriers and B-Flex Duo Twin Rail 1100mm h Safety Barriers are available in either 1100m L or 2400mm L standard lengths

Extra tough safety barriers with a modern design for longer service life and greener production techniques than comparable steel products.

Versatile Safety Barrier system for a wide range of impact protection duties including Pallet Racking Protection.

Economically priced safety barriers - for warehousing, factories, car parks, airports and more. 

Available as standard lengths 1100mm or 2400mm in the safety barrier sizes on offer here or in custom sized barrier lengths on request. 

Mpm B -Flex safety barriers with real "Bouncebackability" 

* Shock absorbing footplates and floor fixings are all included 

Click here to see Bflex tested   

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