Plastic Parts Bins

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Plastic Parts Bins. Premium Quality storage bins. Introducing the "Rasterplan" range of Parts Bins, plastic storage bins to store small parts and other loose components. The professional parts bin for the organised workplace. Finally, a parts bins with sustainability for now and the future, made to an unrivalled quality construction standard, for day in day out usage in the toughest environments.

These are industrial grade storage bins with the continued availability and guarantee of high build quality that we have come to expect from the famous production lines of the German Mittelstand. 

Plastic parts containers are available in 8 different sizes and 6 brilliant colours - Green, Blue, Grey, Red, Yellow and White.

Parts bins with an impact shatter resistant polyethylene construction, and environmentally friendly too, as the plastic is fully recyclable. Select materials and strict quality controls enable a dimensionally stable, extra tough parts bin that is resistant to most common acids, oil, and dyes, and is temperature resistant from -40º to + 80º C

Superior finishing detail provides a better fitting for storing on louvred panels.

Ribbed reinforcement on base edges enables product protection and secure storage bin stacking. 

Optimal storage space and easy cleaning due to smooth internal bin walls 

Plastic storage bins are suitable for food storage.

Thicker construction plastic bins mean no flexing so that full loads can be stored with no spills, unlike thinly walled budget bins.

Label holder slots are built in. Transparent lids and labels are also available as an optional bin accessory.

Superior handling ability on larger sized parts bins, thanks to ergonomically shaped handgrips front and back - optional grip rods can also be fitted for improved handling of heavy loads. 

Superior storage for small parts and components. No more need to buy inferior here today gone tomorrow storage products.


Plastic Parts Bin kits complete with Louvre Panels are also available from this site.

Please note, although there is no minimum order quantity on this product, there is a minimum delivery charge of £15 + vat. 

For larger storage needs, use parts bin sizes 1-4 and for parts bins to use on Louvred Board Panels use bin sizes 5-8.

Sizes L x W x H in mm

Size 1 500x300x250

Size 2 500x300x200

Size 3 350x200x200

Size 4 350x200x150

Size 5 290x140x130

Size 6 230x140x130

Size 7   160x105x75

Size 8     85x105x45


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Contact us for details of other product categories for storage bins or follow the links on this site. 

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