Height Adjustable Work Tables

  • £ 440.00

Height Adjustable Work Tables. A stylish range of high-quality worktables that are versatile enough to be used as workbenches, tables and as a "sit to" and "stand to" Desk if desired. 

The "Workline" range of height adjustable work tables can be easily and quickly adjusted from clamp fixed positions; varying from a 735mm high worktop surface when seated to a comfortable standing height of 1100mm for when you prefer to stand at your worktable.

25mm beech multiplex worktops from sustainable woodland sources in the heart of Germany, provide a top quality worktop and a weight loading capability of 200kgs, more than enough for most desktop purposes and flexible enough to be used as a serious worktable in more demanding environments.

Four contemporary styled feet, twin side panels and a robust back brace offer a sturdy basis for a starter worktable and additional extension tables if required.

Two main sizes form the starter Worktable range

1000mm wide x 750mm deep x 735 - 1100mm high

1500mm wide x 750mm deep x 735 - 1100mm high

Add on tables in the same widths and depths can be added and used on the right or left of the initial starter work desk, to form longer worktable units.

Other methods of height adjustment and work desk accessories are also available: crank handle adjustment, and electrical height adjustable work desks can be optionally supplied, just contact us for further details and pricing.

ESD versions of these popular worktables are also available and will be coming to this site in the near future!

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