Cantilever Racking - Heavy Duty

  • £ 2,610.00

Cantilever Racking - Heavy Duty steel Cantilever Racking for the storage of long awkward and heavy items.

Builders merchants, timber merchants and other trades with a requirement for the storage of lengthy products and heavy awkward sized goods will benefit from using this exceptionally strong and versatile Cantilever Racking system.

Heavy duty cantilever racks to store all types of bars, pipes, sheets, panels, strips, even boats and cars! Sturdy steel columns and arms made of hot-rolled IPE profiles help sustain heavy bulky loads.

Flexible designs enable runs of any length and adjustable arms mean you can vary the positions to suit your individual storage needs. Simple to add to and extend when you need to increase storage space.

K6000 cantilever racking for heavy duty loads 

Load capacity per arm of 575kgs - total run capacity in excess of 11,000kgs

Single and double-sided versions - made from IPE180 hot rolled sections

Bolted cantilever arms can be easily adjusted for optimum flexibility in increments of 100mm 

K6000 heavy-duty Cantilever Racking single can be purchased here as either sided runs of 3 bays or double sided runs of 3 bays per side.

Single sided or double sided heavy duty cantilever racks all have 3 bays that are 1500mm wide each, centre to centre (4500mm overall length) plus 4 single or double sided columns with 5 storage levels including the base level.

Both single and double sided options are 3000mm high

Each of the 3 bays is 1500mm wide (each bay width) x 1000mm deep (2000mm usable depth on double-sided versions)

Overall run lengths are 4500mm L on both versions.

Unique choice of cantilevered arm colours.

Rack Paint Finish: Silver Grey RAL7001 Vertical Columns, with Fire Red RAL3000, Reseda Green RAL6011 or Gentian Blue RAL5010 Cantilever storage arms.  

Complete galvanised cantilever racks for external use can also be supplied.

For medium duty cantilever racking - please check out the K3000 series via this link 

This is a small selection of commonly used cantilever rack sizes, we can also offer many other sizes, configurations and loadings to suit most heavy duty cantilever racking needs.

For more information or quotes on projects and multiple bay requirements, please send your enquiry direct to us by email for project based offers.

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