Parts Bins with Storage Shelving

  • £ 450.57

Top quality Parts Bins with Storage Shelving units. Rasterplan parts bins can be purchased here complete with adjustable steel shelving racks. A complete parts bin rack storage system with a choice of six parts bin storage rack combinations, each featuring top quality MultiPlus 150 shelving bays, and adjustable steel shelves, plus a selection of the solid, industrial plastic parts bins from the Rasterplan range.

Each parts bin storage rack is 2000mm high x 1000mm wide with galvanised steel shelves - capable of holding 150kg across each shelf

Model 10 - with 60 size 5 parts bins + 10 shelves, 300mm deep

Model 11 - with 60 size 6 parts bins + 10 shelves, 300mm deep

Model 12 - with 32 size 3 parts bins + 8 shelves, 400mm deep 

Model 13 - with 40 size 4 parts bins + 10 shelves, 400mm deep

Model 14 - with 20 size 4 parts bins & 36 size 5 parts bins + 11 shelves, 400mm deep

Model 15 -with 21 size 2 parts bins + 7 shelves, 600mm deep

Parts Bin Size Guide  in mm L X W X H

Size 6  230 x 140 x 130
Size 5  290 x 140 x 130
Size 4  350 x 200 x 150
Size 3  350 x 200 x 200
Size 2  500 x 300 x 200

Robust parts bin storage racks with industrial parts bins and quality steel shelving - made for professionals, built to last. Additional shelves, extension units and parts bins can also be purchased from EquiptoWork.

GS approved, RAL certified Shelving units.

Parts bins are supplied in the colour schemes shown unless otherwise indicated on your order.

* shelving colour specification may vary from pictured units. All galvanised frames and shelves are supplied as standard. If blue or black frame posts are required, please contact us first for details.

 Parts bins and storage racks for professionals.

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