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Steel Drawer Cabinet Systems. At we are pleased to be able to offer our customers top quality, comprehensive system of drawer cabinets for storing tools, fixings, fastenings, spare parts or any other items and components essential to your business. 

Our drawer cabinets are used by many sectors; including engineering, aerospace, mechanical, educational, military, healthcare, motorsports, museums and other institutions, including Government organisations and scientific laboratories.  

A sometimes overlooked but vital area of storage equipment, this type of drawer storage system is intended mainly for professional use in demanding production facilities, workshop and stores departments, where it is important to have well-organised storage, for what are often, expensive components and equipment.

Our top quality drawer cabinet system can save you time and money as they are considered to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to organise large inventories and valuable parts and equipment. A secure drawer system will also save on maintenance, and reduce losses as each drawer will protect and help reduce the need to clean vital tools and components.  

A well-organised drawer cabinet will also go a long way to achieving maximum storage capacity in any given workplace, and will often prove more effective in using every centimetre of space available over other storage methods.

With choices of cylinder locks as standard or card and electronic locking mechanisms, all drawers can be a reliable tool server and clean, secure, storage unit for thousands of items.

In effect, to last the daily demands of a commercial workplace the drawer cabinets need to be very well made, with a robust and durable housing plus quality steel drawers and smooth running reliable drawer opening mechanisms. With all components of the drawer storage system finished with a hard wearing powder coat designed for years of service.

These are all features you can take for granted with the Drawer Cabinet Systems available from EquiptoWork.  

Additional benefits of our drawer cabinets are full height sidewall drawers, pre-slotted drawer dividers that enable dividers and partitions to be placed directly into each drawer unit on a 25mm pitch, plus top quality roller bearing mechanisms, seam welded, solid non flexing housings, full 100% drawer extensions with large drawer capacities and cabinets suitable for storing over 1000kgs of product.

A select range of drawer cabinet accessories can enhance and fully utilise each storage space. Metal Draw Dividers, Ribbed Matting, Robust Plastic Boxes and Adjustable Storage Channels can all be inserted into the drawers to create compartments and divisions for your small parts storage requirements.

Other accessories to lift and move each cabinet or create a worktop on the cabinet are also available, and each drawer or drawer cabinet housing can be finished in a choice of eleven different RAL colours to complement your workplace or to match a corporate colour scheme.

Full tool sets from premium grade tool manufacturers can also be supplied pre-fitted with factory foam inserts if required in both our static and mobile drawer cabinet systems.

Small Parts are often the lifeblood of many business sectors, and for the best access, organisation and security we recommend the premium steel Drawer Cabinets from

Please view some of the drawer cabinet collections here or contact us using the message service on this site for detailed product information.

Tool and parts storage solutions supplied across Europe. 




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