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Despite the ongoing problems surrounding us all from the Coronavirus, quite a few firms are battling through and in one form or another, keeping the wheels of industry turning, albeit at maybe not quite the pace it was before the Virus took hold. At we like to think we can do our little bit also, and are maintaining orders and deliveries to as close to normal as we can get, which by and large seems to be still achievable and we are continuing to ship racking and shelving, pallet rack guards and safety barriers, parts bins and storage boxes, trucks & trolleys, workbenches, workshop cabinets and the majority of the catalogue, as before CoVid19 started to take affect.

Also on a positive note, we have been able to introduce some new additions to the product range over the past few months, and would like to bring you up to date with a brief introduction to some of our recently added workplace essentials and new industrial products.

Mpm Plastic Profile Range

Starting with some new additions to our protection and safety range: we have now introduced a collection especially for the range of Safety Guards and Safety Barriers from Mpm plastic profiles, which we hope you will have seen on the site, and extends the portfolio of Mpm products from the Pallet Rack Guards, Rack End Barriers, Rack Corner Protectors and Safety Bollards already featured, to now include a new selection of purposely sized Guard Rails, plus new Heavy Duty Barriers for all round protection and the "Hug Tower" Column Guards; a close fitting series of Column Guards to protect Building and Commercial Property Columns in a selection of standard close fitting sizes.

The innovative Mpm range of protection products is regularly expanding, and you will soon see more of the Mpm profiles being added to the Safety Guards and Barriers collection on a regular basis, so you may want to consider keeping an eye on this product collection and signing up for our Newsletter, if a safer working environment is something of particular interest in your line of work. The effectiveness of the Mpm protection range really speaks for itself, as many of the Worlds leading logistics operators are discovering.

Guard Rail 90 & Guard Rail 150

The new Guard Rail 90 for light duty traffic protection and the heavier duty Guard Rail 150 profiles for Fork Lift Trucks and such like, are both available on the site in four pre-formed lengths and the 90mm profile has an overall height of 140mm installed and the larger section Guard Rail 150 sits at 20mm when fitted to the floor surface.

Installation couldn't be easier or neater for that matter, a pair of discreet mini-posts within each rail on all of the Mpm guard rails in the lengths 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm, have a flush fitting cap, that on closer inspection, lifts to reveal the neatly hidden floor fixings that secure each Guard Rail section to the ground.

The Guard Rail 90 can be secured with either standard expansion bolts or chemical resin anchors for additional resistance and security. Heavier Duty Guard Rail 150 sections require chemical resin anchors for virtually all applications and installations.

Mpm Guard Rails are finished in the same stand out Yellow and Black colour schemes to be found on the other Mpm guards, barriers and protective posts available at, and both the Guard Rail 90 and Guard Rail 150 have a choice of security cap colours in Red or Black to conceal the afore-mentioned fixings, and add another visual safety benefit.  

The four lengths of 500,750,1000 and 1500mm now available will soon be joined on site by longer pre-formed sections of 2000mm, 3000mm and 4000mm which should more than cover the needs for most warehouse and commercial property protection needs. It also enables the user to mix and match sizes to get a specific run design or run length suitable for each customers property or warehouse plan and form right -angles or suit a variety of building structures. 

With a large majority of fork lift truck and traffic incidents in the warehouse or external buildings occurring at low levels, the two low profile sections of 140mm and 200mm are primarily intended to stop the damage occurring at these low levels, while still remaining relatively unobtrusive. A benefit enabling the low level Guard Rails to be used as machinery guards, no-go demarcations, as well as their more commonly found uses protecting steel partition walls, office partitions, building corridors, warehouse walls and other structures throughout commercial properties and premises.

So if you take commercial property protection seriously, you will find Mpm Guard Rails to be a worthwhile investment for several applications within your premises.

These are just some of the new arrivals at and in forthcoming blogs, we will be introducing you to some of the other additions to the Mpm protection line up and also telling you about a new way to customise the LM rack end barriers, pedestrian barriers and column guards, so they can increase the safety awareness and highlight the need to protect your workplace personnel.

#StaySafe - for exceptional workplace products.

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