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As you can see from our production collection titled Storage Bins and Boxes. We offer a wide and varied range of useful storage boxes, plastic containers, shelf trays and the ever popular semi-open fronted parts bins. 

We are pleased to say we only offer one range of plastic parts storage bin, because with the Kappes range of storage bins there is really no need to provide anything else. One range does it all: unrivalled quality, competitive prices, outstanding stacking and loading capability, a wide choice of colours and Kappes bins are available in four large parts bin sizes along with four small parts bin storage sizes that will cover your parts storage needs, be it small or large.

Naturally we are biased, but we believe you will not find a better parts bin for industrial and professional usage.                                                                         Not only a static parts storage bin! - because of the available parts bin accessories as well as a large selection of add-on products, our parts bin storage range provides the user with a variety of storage options for the essential parts and components in use throughout the workplace. 

Louvred Board Panels - small parts bin storage for mounting on walls, workbench tops, shelving and doors, easily expanded and adjusted. With a huge choice of colour options to suit a variety of workplace areas.

Wall Mounted Parts Bin Rails - compact, neat and quickly accessed storage rails.

Combi-Boards - store tools and parts bins on one combined panel for increased working ability

Storage Wall Systems - parts bins and Louvre panels in the perfect sizes to create full height and half height storage walls and partitions

Movable Storage Bin Racks - top quality parts bins need top quality storage racks, all available in choice of useful sizes.

Mobile Parts Bin Trolleys - go where you do, for maximum mobile work efficiency

Parts Bins with Shelving Systems - modular shelving to store all sizes of parts bins, infinitely expandable

Storage Cabinets and Cupboards for Parts Bins - secure, locking options, standard and heavy duty cabinets that can double up as workstations.

Get Organised, Get the Orders, Get Kappes Parts Bins from Equiptowork: the no.1 professional choice.



Available in 6 Colours: Green, Blue, Grey, Red, Yellow, Natural White 

To help you choose the right sized parts bins for all applications, stand alone storage or with the above add-on products, here is our handy parts bin size guide for all eight bins in our semi-open fronted parts bin range. 


the BIG four - larger capacity storage bins that can also be retro-fitted with metal grip handles for even greater versatility. 


Size 1 500 L x 300 W x 250 H
Size 2 500 L x 300 W x 200 H
Size 3 350 L x 200 W x 150 H
Size 4 350 L x 200 W x 150 H


the SMALLER four - can be used on all Louvre Panel products in the Rasterplan range. 

Size 5  290 L x 140 W x 130 H
Size 6 230 L x 140 W x 130 H
Size 7 160 L x 105 W x 75 H
Size 8 85 L x 105 W x 45 H


All Rasterplan parts storage bins are designed to accept transparent label holders and labels 

Transparent lids are available for almost all parts bin sizes 

Grip Rods and steel lengthways dividers may also be purchased for use with the four larger bins sizes 1-4.

For further information on all of the above open topped parts bins and your free digital brochure featuring the complete Kappes product range, please contact us today. 0800 689 1264

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