Warehouse Safety Barriers

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PIN 150 Warehouse Safety Barriers


The latest warehouse safety innovation from Mpm is here: the new PIN 150 barrier system. A unique beam connector and shock absorbing gasket provides even greater performance over the standard Pedestrian 150 warehouse safety barrier.

Top performance from a warehouse safety barrier with higher impact resistance and even more flexibility to soak up impacts and protect pedestrians from multiple types of warehouse traffic.

The latest PIN connection Warehouse Safety Barriers are now faster and easier to install than ever.

Warehouse safety barriers in 2.5m long modules with extra resilient rails and the new PIN connector system, developed to handle repeat impacts and cushion the blows time after time.

Hygienic, Recyclable, Economical Warehouse Safety Barriers and Pedestrian Barriers

Mpm Warehouse safety barriers can be purchased on this page in the run length sets as shown or you can contact us first for a personalised quote to suit bespoke safety barrier plans and projects.

Don't forget the 4P rule of warehouse safety: Proper Protection Prevents Problems.

Supplied in Sunburst Yellow for extra safety and visibility. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from order.

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