Pallet Racking Corner Protectors

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Pallet Racking Corner Protectors

Pallet Racking Corner Protectors: the innovative, extra tough racking protectors for protecting damage prone corners at the ends of your Pallet Racking systems. 

3 Phase Protection for Racking and Building Corners

1) Extra resilient Reflex Tech outer core 

2) Triple Bumper inner protection 

3) Galvanised and painted steel internal mounting post and footplate

The ultimate solution to guard vulnerable corners and end sections of pallet racking, warehouse and mezzanine columns, property walls, warehouse shutters and doors. Racking corner and building protectors prevent damages caused by warehouse traffic such as fork lift trucks, parcel trolleys, delivery vehicles and powered handling equipment.

Hilti floor fixing bolts - included free with every corner guard

Fast delivery from stock in 2-3 days

TÜV certified and EN 15512 compliant

Pallet racking corner protectors with superior impact absorbing ability and bounce back resilience, thanks to the reinforced inner core, triple shock absorbers and reflex tech outer shell. An innovative design from Mpm to prevent damage to workplace corners. 

The end of run sections and corners on most pallet rack systems are often the most commonly damaged, but large steel barriers and bulky guards can cause a traffic obstruction, decreasing the available space in limited area's.

The new right angle Pallet Racking Corner Protectors from Mpm help avoid these issues by sitting close to the corner of the racking footplate, using a discreet,  floor fixing design, and providing a robust, cost effective impact guard against mechanical handling and warehouse traffic risks.

Using solid yet flexible, Reflex Tech materials found in the Mpm rack post protectors, plus a reinforced internal structure, these 525mm high corner guards protect the end corners of typical racking systems where it's needed most.

Highly visible RAL1018 Yellow colour for full safety awareness

Discreet and compact floor fixing mounted to an internal Galvanised steel core

Hidden footplate prevents trip hazards 

500mm protection height 

Pallet rack corner protectors with triple bumper extra protection inside.

Scratch resistant Reflex Tech outer guard

Fire resistant V-O self extinguishing class

Another product with the Mpm commitment to quality and innovation

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