Shelf Bin Dividers and Labels

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Shelf Bin Dividers and Labels 


Shelf Bin Accessories for our top grade shelf bins and shelf trays; part of the small parts storage systems range from

Shelf Bin Dividers for shelving trays that separate each shelf bin into compartments.

Shelf bin dividers help indicate stock levels and efficiently organise small parts into separate compartments within each shelf bin.

Dividers are suitable for all 65mm high Shelf Bins from our range and available in Blue or Red to match both types of Shelf Bin, in either 120mm or 240mm wide formats.

Dividers fit neatly into pre formed separator slots built into each of the three main shelf bin lengths 

Max. no. of dividers per shelf bin

3 dividers per 300mm long shelf bin

4 dividers per 400mm long shelf bin 

5 dividers per 500mm long shelf bin 

Plain White Labels  - are sized to clip directly to the holders of front of each shelf bin or divider. Shelf bin labels are available in minimum quantities of 10 labels.

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