B-Flex Wall Bumpers

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B-Flex Wall Bumpers 

Maximise your wall protection with B Flex Wall Bumpers. The Italian-made bumpers are designed to prevent abrasive damage and have a 300mm high profile for a well-proportioned look. They are cost-effective, flexible, easy to clean and 100% recyclable. Their fire resistance and scratch proof properties make them suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings. The yellow finish also stands out for extra visibility, Wall Bumpers have discreet, snag-free fixing locations and are available in four modular lengths. Contact us today and discover how you can protect your property with B-Flex Wall Bumpers. Call freephone 800 689 1264 (UK) or +44 (0)1892 506892 (international).

We also offer other Mpm wall protection products such as the slimmer profile 130mm Wall Hug version  a wall bumper for smaller impact sections, as well as the modular WP range of Wall Protectors, Corner Protectors and Kerb Guards. Wall protection with a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish.

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