Soft Bollards

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Soft Bollards for Parking 

The fixed parking bollards made of soft polymers. MPM soft bollards, the parking bollards with Bouncebackability.

Non damaging parking posts and bollards available in 3 highly visible colours for extra hazard awareness.

Modern reflex technology polymer construction, with triple anchor points for floor fixing.

Fixed warning bollards intended to provide a hazard alert and create a parking deterrent without damaging vehicles.

Economically priced.

Durable, non-rotting safety bollard requires zero maintenance.

Soft bollards are 760mm high.

Suitable for external and internal use. 

Soft bollards have a flexible bounce-back design to alleviate the need for constant post replacement and repairs to both parking posts or vehicles. 

Choose Flexible Parking Bollards in either Red, Black or Yellow with high contrast hazard warning stripes as standard.

please note parking bollards require floor fixings - which are available to order separately if required.

 Soft Parking Bollards

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