Dock Bumpers

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Loading Bay Dock Bumpers

Our Loading Bay Safety collection has been further enhanced by MPM's newest arrival, the loading bay Dock Bumper for trucks.

Dock Bumper is an excellent protective product for HGV loading bays. Highly resistant to everyday wear and tear, an effective protection bumper and a visual deterrent.

A substantially sized docking bay bumper offering a larger impact area, Dock Bumpers are 500mm high x 300mm wide with a 120mm deep protection profile.

Suitable for all loading bay operations, Dock Bumper is a truck protection product that is ideal for use in conjunction with Truck Wheel Guides, Loading Bay Gates, Protective Bollards and other loading bay safety products from our comprehensive Mpm protection range

Dock Bumpers are supplied complete with six galvanised steel fixings for immediate installation and have all the anti abrasion, impact resistant properties we have come to expect from Mpm protection products with their famed ability to shield against damage.

Size: Single Dock Bumper, 500mm high 300mm wide 120mm deep

Sunburst Yellow fascia for extra visible hazard awareness in loading bay entrances.

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