Shelving with Sloped Shelves

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Shelving with sloped Shelves. Ready to use steel shelving with angled shelves, suitable for storing containers and boxes; perfect for easy order picking and quick visual checks on stock levels.

Bolt free and adjustable, this sloping shelf system uses the same premium quality components from the MultiPlus 150 shelf system available with other shelving systems on these pages.

GS and RAL approved Shelving designs with an unrivalled 5-year product warranty and a 10-year availability guarantee.

Sloping Shelf systems available in a choice of two bay sizes plus the 1200mm deep XL version. 

The popular Euro Box size 600mm x 400mm can comfortably fit on each shelf.

Front shelf beam has a 15mm raised edge to prevent containers falling from the shelf.

600mm deep Shelving Units - store 2 x 300mm deep boxes or 1 x 600mm deep boxes -in a choice of two bay widths 

1300kg bay load 150kg shelf load per level 

A)  2000mm high x 1000mm wide with three sloping shelves *

B) 2000mm high x 1300mm wide with three sloping shelves * (image shows shelving bay storing 3 no. grey boxes 600x400x320mm per shelf level)

Galvanised finish with light grey face beams

Sloping Shelf Unit

 and also available as the extra deep XL Sloping Shelving Unit

C) 2000mm high x 1300mm wide x 1200mm deep with five sloping shelves *

(image shows unit storing 6 no. 600 x 400 x 220mm boxes per shelf level) 

1200kg bay load 200kg shelf load per level 

Ideal for first in - first out, stock rotation, containers easily glide forward on the smooth steel shelf surfaces.

XL model supplied with Blue RAL5010 frame posts, galvanised shelves and light grey retaining beams.

Sloping Shelf Units


Complete all steel shelving systems, with shelves adjustable on a 25mm shelf pitch and a huge range of accessories also available.

Interchangeable components for modifying and extending your storage systems. 

Buy as single bay starter shelf units or add extension bays for multi-bay runs and larger storage requirements.

Please Note: The Containers are not included in the price but are available separately if required.

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