Facilities & Premises Products

Facilities & Premises Products. A wide range of products for general applications in the Workplace, functional products designed with a job and budget in mind for the purchasing manager, operations and facilities managers, and those responsible for efficient organisation in the daily workplace.

Products for all premises. Products for all personnel. Secure workplace products built to high standards for all types of premises: Warehouses, Shop Stores, Offices and Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Military Establishments, Government Sites, Construction Sites and more. 

Cable Covers

Wheel Stops

Loading Bay Protection Products

Fork Lift Warning Bars & Signage

Corner Protectors

Property Protection Products

Safety Steps

Site Security Products 

Industrial Floor Mats



Storage Cabinets

IT Workstations

Trucks & Trolleys 

Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets

Safety Barriers

Guard Rails

Parking Posts and Safety Bollards

Floor Marking Tapes

Bike Storage Racks

Health Protection Products

Durable industrial grade equipment built for the modern commercial environment

Equiptowork.com delivering quality workplace products across Britain and Europe.