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Mpm Safety Accessories - Clip 90 


Here you will find a useful range of accessories to enhance your Mpm safety products 

Clip 90 

The new Clip 90 is a great way to customise individual safety barriers and safety gates for the working environment, whilst additionally providing extra visibility and hazard awareness.

Help designate and organise pallet racking systems by using the contrasting clip 90 system on LM rack end protection barriers 

Highlight secure access points on the DP150 safety doors and swing gates.

Clip 90 will make your Mpm protection systems standout from the crowd

300mm long

Easy to install

Available in Red, Black, Green or Blue 

Compatible with the following Mpm products:  

LM Rack End Barriers

Pedestrian 150 Barriers

Hug Tower Column Guards

DP150 Safety Gates and Swing Gates 


Clip 90 accessories are suitable for internal use only.

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