Overhead Warning Bars

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Overhead Warning Bars

Overhead Warning Bars form part of our comprehensive range of safety and protection products intended to prevent damage from Fork Lift Trucks to door frames, access gates, loading bays, overhead gantries, sprinkler systems, transfer aisles and corridors between commercial buildings and warehouse properties.

An early warning system to alert Forklift drivers of the potential safety hazards from overhead height restrictions and the dangers of fork truck movement with a raised mast. A potential workplace risk can now be averted with the easy installation of Mpm overhead clearance bars and height restriction warning signs.

Overhead Clearance Bars and Height Restriction Bars are made from innovative Reflex Technology polymers, and available as 3 ceiling mounted variants.

Two different lengths are available for each type of overhead clearance bar: 2m long or an extra large 3 metres long.

New lower pricing for 2024!

WBAR: Standard Overhead Clearance Warning Bar - equipped complete with mounting accessories and produced in a stand out Sunburst Yellow for extra awareness

Overhead Warning Bar MPM

WBIS: Overhead Clearance Warning Bar with Information Sign - as above warning bar spec. with the addition of a suspended Information Sign.

Overhead Warning Bar

WBLS: Overhead Clearance Warning Bar with Light and Sound - this warning bar comes complete with Hazard Warning Lights and a 102 decibel audible alarm, for a maximum safety alert at all times.

Overhead Warning Bar

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