One Size Does Not Fit All

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The term " One Size Fits All " is a commonly found term for a catch all size guide often applied to numerous and varied products to be found in the modern retail environment, such as baseball caps for example. But can it be applied to products sold in the commercial B2B sectors, and is it a term that can be used with total confidence when it comes to the particular application of workplace protection and safety products in an industrial setting?

One product that springs to mind where we would most certainly question the generalisation of sizing, is pallet racking protection; a range of products that are now an essential for every day pallet racking safety in the contemporary warehouse.

As with a modern bicycle tyre, which at face value only appears to require a rubber hoop to be fitted around what is essentially a selection of steel wheel rims, all good cyclist's know that the correct choice of tyre fitment is crucial and selecting the right tyre is not quite as straightforward as it may first look. Certainly as far as width and profile are concerned, and with regards to the various tread patterns now available, well....we won't even go there! OK but how does that relate to choosing the right pallet rack protector?

Even the most fastidious of Warehouse Operators may sometimes be at a loss to tell you the brand name of their pallet rack system let alone if it was the light duty, medium duty or heavy duty version, and yet there are dozens of different pallet racking manufacturers out there in the storage industry, some have come and gone over the years, but if you consider a well maintained pallet racking system is a storage product with a potentially long life span, it's not difficult to imagine the wide variety of types and scale of quantities for pallet racking systems currently in use, and that's just in the United  Kingdom. 

Surely they are all the same size...aren't they? Well unfortunately no, they are not all the same size or shape, each racking manufacturer has their own unique design variant, and in turn each pallet rack model they produce will normally have a slightly different size and profile according to the pallet loads they have been designed to handle. A popular European brand of pallet racking like the Schulte system available at Equiptowork for instance, provide EN approved pallet rack frames with four different load capacities, fortunately however and thanks to the Schulte racking design, they are formed using only two main racking leg profiles, with upright widths of 76mm wide or 100mm wide respectively. While other brands of racking have been known to further complicate the issue with more than two profile widths. 

Then how do you choose the right type of pallet racking protection for the type of racking make (or as often is the case) variety of makes in use at your own storage Warehouse or Distribution Centre?

Fortunately the Mpm protection solution is straightforward both in use and in fitting. The innovative Reflex Technology inspired Racking Protector range is available in up to four profile fittings as standard plus modified variants for special applications, all of which are easily installed to each upright leg and by selecting the appropriate fitment, suitable for a precise fit to all racking makes and profile sections.

The most popular fittings are the two following versions:                                                                  RPS for upright frame legs with profile front widths of 60 to 80mm in width (most commonly found in standard duty or light to medium load rack frames)                   and the RPM for upright frame legs 80-100mm (medium to heavy duty rack profiles)

Even larger width racking posts of of 100-120mm wide, used in heavy duty and extra heavy duty racking systems, can be taken care of with the RPL and custom core RPXL pallet rack protectors.

The three main profiles offered provide a precision fit to all makes and variations of pallet racking on the market. So no matter if you use Schulte Pallet Racking or rack brands such as Dexion, Link, Mecalux, Stow, Planned Storage, Hi-Lo, Redirack, Apex and the rest, there is no slipping or twisting on the frame post once installed, no clips, bolts or straps needed to compensate for any fitting variations and each and every Mpm pallet racking protector irrespective of size can be rapidly installed or removed for rack inspections with the recommended RP click fitting tool

The standard model racking protectors that will guard each individual racking post or column can also be used in conjunction with the reinforced Rack Corner Protectors in order to double up on racking safety for the exposed and vulnerable corners on each end of the rack system or run as its usually referred to. Fitted in unison with the extra resilient LM range of Rack End Barriers, a complete and thoroughly effective rack safety solution is readily available from Equiptowork for all storage, warehousing, distribution and logistics operations regardless of the pallet racking system in use.

So "one size fits all" may work when applied to a beanie hat, but you might want to think twice if you hear this phrase being used when you are choosing a Pallet Racking Protector. 

Superior Reflex technology design and precision fitting for all makes of pallet racking. Contact Equiptowork today for your free guide and further information about Mpm pallet rack protector sizes or even if you are unsure about the type or size of pallet racking you have, call 0800 689 1264 or via email


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