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Loading Bays. Vital workplace areas that are not without their risks.

Goods in, goods out, pick, pack despatch: loading bays are typical hives of industry with a constant flow of traffic from heavy goods vehicles, loading and unloading, rapid movement of delivery vans, and the constant buzz of fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and similar mechanical handling machinery. All are essential forms of workplace and warehouse traffic, and are vital to the distribution and intake of commercial goods, but as with many forms of mobile machinery, they unfortunately have their inherent dangers.

The typical loading bay in a sizeable operation can be a workplace sector where the risk of accidents is far higher than in other logistics departments.

Equiptowork can help reduce those risks. With the installation of proven MPM safety products, specifically intended for the loading bay area, the protection for personnel, visitors, transporters and commercial properties can be greatly improved.

Mpm has a wide-ranging choice of protection products to augment safety in loading bays, including vehicle guidance products, traffic and pedestrian segregation, machinery guards, walkway protection, and an excellent series of standard duty and heavy duty bollards all using the latest high-tech Mpm polymers.

As can be discovered throughout the in-depth portfolio of MPM safety products, the Reflex Technology polymer construction is enhanced with a stand-out colour finish of 'Sunburst Yellow' - a vivid shade that not only reminds and makes operatives mindful of workplace hazards but will further reduce the prospect of an impact occurring in a workplace transport area.

Being a high tech polymer product, MPM safety barriers, gates and guards designed for the loading bay, can withstand multiple impacts without deforming whilst causing little or no damage to the vehicle involved. In the event you ever need to replace or change a barrier for example, MPM loading bay protection products have an additional benefit of being 100% recyclable.

The innovative MPM loading bay protection range covers

Loading Bay Safety Gates

Pedestrian and Traffic Segregation

Door Frame Guards

Overhead Warning Bars for Fork Lift Trucks

Safety Bollards and Heavy Duty Bollards

Corner Guards and Edge Protectors

Walkway and Machinery Segregation

Wheel Stops

Lane Guides for Trucks and HGVs

Access Points for Vehicles and Pedestrians

Column Protection

Wall Bumpers & Guards

MPM products for Versatile Safety and Protection with Bouncebackability. For further information or a no-obligation quote to address your loading bay health and safety issues, please contact Equiptowork on 0800 689 1264 or via email.

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