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You have no doubt noticed already but after two and half months into the year, businesses trading with Europe in 2021 are facing situations not generally experienced before. is no exception, a large proportion of our products are manufactured in Europe and distributed from our base in Germany, as a result we are experiencing new and frustrating delays in our shipments to our UK customers, along with customs processing charges and hikes in transport costs, compounded with a reduction in hauliers willing to transport goods to the United Kingdom.

As a result we have had to change the way we charge for shipping on items requiring pallet freight or are over thirty kilograms in weight. UK shipping costs from Europe are now too expensive for us to absorb, and so we have had to increase some of the UK shipping charges, which are now added to your order at checkout. Parcel sized deliveries are currently being affected by relatively minimal increases, but our small order or single item UK pallet freight costs have unfortunately risen dramatically. We can only apologise to  our UK customer base for this but as you can appreciate, these are matters that are beyond our control. 

A triple whammy has affected many of us in the industry: Brexit, Covid 19 and now very substantial increases in the cost and availability of raw materials, notably steel, timber and some plastics. 

On the plus side, we still offer a range of excellent quality products, produced from long standing manufacturers and with the ability to give many years of service life to our customers in the industrial and commercial sectors, yet still at affordable and competitive prices with lengthy product guarantees as an endorsement to their solid build quality. 

For 2021 we will be increasing our range of Workshop Storage Equipment, Materials Handling Products, Warehouse Safety Products and Workshop Tool Storage Solutions, follow our blog pages and sign up for our Newsletter to be kept up to date with new products and customer offers on all the new workplace essentials available from 

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