New Year, new start and a good time to re-organise?

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New Year and for many, that means a new start to work and the prospect of organising or re-organising various sectors within the workplace.

At EquiptoWork the product emphasis is on storage products and offering storage solutions, which is why we're featuring in this particular news blog some existing storage products as a reminder of the storage products available that are particularly suited to parts departments and organisers of the typical parts and service industries.

So if you and your organisation are looking to start the new year with a gee-up of your parts and service distribution, here are a few existing items that may give you a few ideas about storing small parts and components, plus a brief glimpse of some new storage products coming to this site very soon.

First up is the classic Open Topped or Semi-Open Fronted Storage Bin. Yes, you've probably seen hundreds, possibly even thousands of them in various workshops, production lines, assembly areas, even NHS hospitals or McDonalds, but it's worth remembering not all parts bins are created equal. At Equiptowork, we offer what are arguably amongst the best, if not the best, plastic storage bins available.

Open Topped Storage Bins     Open Topped Storage Bins              Open Topped Storage Bins

Certain open topped storage bins, particularly the cheaper budget items are just not up to the job of coping with the demands of industry and professional parts stores. It is certainly not an accusation that can be levelled at the Rasterplan range of storage bins, these well made, thoughtfully designed parts bins represent outstanding value for money, in an industrial bin, with a solid construction intended for years of long service life, and tough enough for daily workplace usage. As with all our plastic storage bins, they are also fully recyclable.

See for yourself at          all sizes delivered can be delivered promptly and are available to buy online today in a good variety of colours and sizes.

Perhaps you are looking for a storage tray or parts bin that is more suited to being stored horizontally on shelves or purpose built racks? If so, then the open style, flat topped Shelf Bins or Storage Trays to be seen at are another popular design that sell in their thousands, and for good reason. Shelf bins at Equiptowork have a highly resistant, durable construction, intended for the industrial sectors and enabling maximum versatility due to each shelf bin having pre-formed slots for dividers and labels to further enhance the organisation and storage of small parts and components required in electrical engineering, automotive workshops, and production departments to name but a few. The shelf bin product category has four different depths; 300, 400, 500 and 600mm perfectly sized to fit onto the commonly used metric sizes of industrial steel shelving, there are also two low shelf bin profiles that will help to maximise shelf storage volume on every shelf level. Shelf Bins can be purchased on their own, in packs of shelf bins, or with ready to use starter kits complete with industrial steel shelving bays in various sizes.

Shelf Bins



Finally, we must bring your attention to the latest addition to the range of Small Parts Storage Bins from Equiptowork: The TIlt Bin. In case you're not familiar with the Tilt Bin product; in their most common format, Tilt Bins are often used as storage racks and/or rows of storage bin units, in a modular format so that you can add and build various storage walls to suit your own individual work area, while providing a highly efficient and organised parts storage system. Clear view bin fronts are tilted to open and access the items stored, and enable quick visual stock checks and can be often be used to store non solid products, such as food ingredients for example.

Tilt Bins at EquiptoWork

The newly introduced range of Tilt Bins at Equiptowork feature plastic housings in three different colour choices; Red, Green or Grey and have resilient clear bin fronts in a selection of modular sizes. The Tilt Bin Racks can be interlocked to form Tilt Bin storage walls, or used with Tilt Bin Racks, Tilt Bin Cabinets and Tilt Bin Mobile Trolley Units or simply placed on a worktop, hung on the wall or shelf for individual parts storage and access. Five sizes to choose on a 600mm common rail format give you a  supremely versatile, great parts organiser and are now offered with very competitive pricing at

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