Workbenches with Electric Height Adjustment

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Workbenches with Electric Height Adjustment


Have you seen the wide range of workbenches available at equip to ? 

If not, you may want to take a look by following the link on this blog, particularly as the workbench product category has a new addition to the range.

Height adjustable Workbenches. There are already height adjustable workbenches featured, that have adjustable frame legs that can be unbolted, then manually adjusted in height and re-bolted once the desired position is selected. This is an economic and simple method to easily adjust the height of your workbench, and gives your new workbench that extra level of versatility, a great plus point when the workbench may be used by more than one person, and people of varying heights. You can see some of these workbenches with manual height adjustment at

But what do you do if your workplace is always extra busy, and there is just not the time or space to manually adjust the height on your workbench, or is your workbench going to be constantly in use by an ever changing group of co-workers, or like a lot of us in an age of power assisted devices, just want the satisfying convenience of a work table with an easy to adjust system built in?

Well the solution is now here in the form of a new collection of electrically powered, adjustable workbenches and work tables. Rapid change, affordable workbenches with discreet electric motors to conveniently alter the height of the working level, to cater not just for a multitude of different workbench users but to also quickly provide the choice of whether to stand or sit at work today! This has become an increasingly important requirement in the modern workplace, particularly in view of the health benefits associated with altering your seating or standing position instead of remaining seated all day, as can be the case in a conventional worktable set up.

Workbenches with electrical height adjustment will almost certainly help in the educational sectors where there is generally a demand for the work table or workbench to adapt to the varied requirements of many different pupils both young and old and short or tall.

Often when working with items at an industrial workbench, there will be the need to raise and lower the worktop to get into the best position for working and reaching certain components, again a fast height change is a massive benefit provided by electric height adjustable workbench models.
There will eventually be three models to choose from in the powered workbench range; each with a different load carrying capability to handle, light, medium and heavy duty work requirements. Initially the 150kg Adlatus model you can buy today at will be joined by additional workbenches suitable for  300kgs and for extra heavy duty applications, an adjustable workbench to handle loads up to 600kg.

Most of the new electric workbench models will have the additional benefit of a choice of worktops:
MDF 22mm
Melamine 22mm
Classic solid Beechwood 25mm
Steel cover over a 25mm core
Plus an ESD Version with 25mm hard melamine top
Get versatility from a single workstation, reduce fatigue and maintain the health of the workforce at the same time.


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