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Hopefully, by now you will have stumbled upon, googled, binged, yahoo'd or come directly to and seen the top quality range of storage products, workshop equipment, warehouse supplies and other business products available to buy from these pages.

As you can tell, the emphasis is on providing quality products that will stand the test of time in your workplace. Apart from news updates and offers, we will also be using these blog pages to bring your attention to top quality workplace products from the equiptowork range and highlight new products that will be coming to this site. 

This month we have introduced a range of premium workbenches to our workshop equipment collection. 

It is a superb collection of premium workbenches, new to the UK market, using quality steel for the frame and cabinet components plus a large choice of well-made worktops.

The worktops supplied as standard from our new workbench collection are 40mm thick beech wood, made using sustainable sources from the Black Forest in Germany. There are also other options for the worktop itself and these can be made with 40 or 50mm thick tops from either beech multiplex, linoleum, hard laminate tops, melamine worktops, MDF with ABS edging, Trovidur PVC, Steel overlays, or workbench tops with anti static dissipative properties - a.k.a ESD workbenches to avoid any tongue twisting.

Using any of these high-quality worktop materials the workbench depths as standard are 700mm or 900mm. 

Working in a confined space? There is a compact workbench width of 750mm, useful in confined spaces or where a small width workbench is desired.

Worktop widths start at 750mm, and go from 1000, 1250, 1500 and 2000mm up to 3000mm as a  single worktop width and can, of course, be used in unison to form any length workbench required.

As well as the basic, no-frills, workbench comprising a premium worktop and quality steel framework, you can choose a multitude of steel drawer and cabinet options for all sizes of a workbench. Fitted underneath or as an integral part of the bench frame. Shelves for storage levels in timber or steel can also be factory fitted.

You are not restricted to one colour option on the steelwork either, with a choice of 14 different RAL colours at no extra cost, on all frames, cabinets and drawer cabinets.

 Workbenches have various fixed working heights depending on the model chosen, or if you need more adaptability you can choose an adjustable height model, which has a workbench height that can be adjusted manually or with effortless electronic height adjustment system.

Working with heavy loads and equipment? The workbenches currently featured on have working loads of 1000+kgs if that's not enough we have available super heavy duty workbenches with a whopping 4500kg load capacity - ideal for heavy industrial and automotive use. At the other end of the scale, there are also lighter duty workbenches with a 300kg capacity, workbenches that are more suited to light assembly work, in computer and electronic industries for example.

The models currently featured on these pages are the best selling benches in both fixed height and height adjustable workbench models, however there will be many more premium workbenches becoming available on these pages over the next few months as this is just a small popular selection from a huge range of superb workbenches that should eventually cover most if not all workbench requirements in the workplace.  

A high-quality workbench range that will include IT and Computer Workbenches, Cantilever Workbenches, Light Duty Worktables, Workbenches with electronic height adjustment, Super Heavy Duty Workbench models and more.

Mobile workbenches on castors and mobile workbenches that have a chassis that can be raised or lowered will also be available to offer maximum versatility in your workshop and workplace. 

Group workbenches will also be available soon in six or eight-sided models; these are workbenches for multi-person applications and educational use where group working is often needed.

If you don't happen to see the size or type of workbench you need now, keep a regular eye on this site or contact us today, as we have other premium workbenches available for all types of use: schools, colleges, laboratories, workbenches for engineers, automotive and garage workbenches, craftsmen benches, and many other types of workbench for the professional.

Each premium workbench - comes with a 5-year guarantee, no assembly required, supplied pre-welded, fully assembled and ready to use. Most of these high-quality workbenches are built from scratch, picked, packed and delivered directly to your premises in four to five weeks and sometimes sooner. 

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