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Parts storage - often a small but vital component of many operations. Possibly not something you have considered on a regular basis or alternatively it may be a task that keeps you awake all night, every night, but either way there is no ignoring the role that efficient storage of product parts and components can have on a business or organisation.

Properly organised storage of small items, accessories and components can literally save a business a small fortune in lost costs. It doesn't just look neat and tidy, a well-organised parts store will improve efficiency no end plus save you time and money. 

Whichever way you go about setting up a new parts store or altering an existing storage centre Equip to work can offer quality storage products that will give you a suitable storage solution for years to come. A comprehensive range of parts storage solutions using premium grade storage products backed with long term availability and quality guarantees will enable your organisation to set up an efficient orderly parts store or modify and improve a current department or unit.

Storage of Small Parts Small Parts Bins

Top Quality Plastic Parts Bins

Parts Storage Cabinets

Versatile Shelf Trays 

Steel Drawer Cabinets

Storage Cupboards

Industrial Cabinets

Shelving Systems 

Boxes and Containers

Storage Bins 

Save money, improve ordering with proven products to organise small or large volume parts storage requirements from 

Shelving for small parts storage             Storage for tools and components



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