How To Find A Versatile Storage System

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How to find a versatile storage system.

As an operation, stores or logistics manager, have you ever asked where can I find a really versatile shelving system?  If you have, we may have the storage solution you finally need.

MultiPlus Shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems available on the current industrial marketplace. A brilliantly designed and well-built shelving system that can fulfill more than one task in the field of storage and logistics. Its an all steel shelving system, that has a galvanised finish as standard plus powder coated variants available on the frame posts as well as shelves and some of the other shelf components.

A great choice of product colours: standard galvanised, or light grey, red, blue, silver grey, orange, black and green. All giving the adaptability to blend in with some of the various corporate schemes often required in professional environments, and it helps each Shelving system look good in your own individual set ups if need be.

MultiPlus Shelving has outstanding product benefits like the unique 10 year availablity guarantee, 5 year product warranty, sturdy steel construction and for peace of mind with safety an important requirement in every workplace; MultiPlus shelving systems are all GS tested and carry the RAL seal of approval for warehouse and production facilities.

The true versatile nature of this do it all Shelving system becomes apparent when you realise that there are four different Shelves that all easily plug straight into the same MultiPlus T Profile Frame Posts. 

The same MultiPlus T Profile Frame Posts that can handle lightweight storage needs and heavy duty shelf loads in single shelving bays, multiple shelving runs and even mult-tier shelving applications. MultiPlus shelves can be adjusted on each bay in 25mm increments for ultimate stock adaptability, quickly and easily without the need to bolt and un-bolt each and every shelf level. 

Not every business has the same storage requirements from its Shelving systems, which is why the MultiPlus Shelf system has vast range of sizes to suit  your storage demands.

Shelving bay heights from 1000mm up to 7500mm in height cope with most low and high bay situations.

Constructed as either single depth or double deep units, and having readily available Shelf sizes of 750,1000,1300 and 1500mm in width and from 300mm to 1000mm in depth, the MultIPlus system offers many storage solutions to a wide host of logistics operations.

The best selling MultiPlus 150mm Shelf has an unrivalled150kg load capacity from its slimline 25mm profile, resulting in more storage space in the height of every shelving bay without sacrificing on weight bearing ability.

Variety does not stop with the ability to build multiple sizes of storage shelving. MultiPlus Shelving offers different weight loadings from its four main shelf formats to cope with most products stored from light duty applications to heavy duty shelf systems.

Verified, tested, shelf loads for long term storage use and to store weights from 85kg to 410kg.

MultiPlus 85 a 25mm profile sturdy shelf that offers loading ability up to 85kg, its all you need in Office Shelving and light to medium duty storage.

MultIPlus150 a great shelf for all round use and maximum storage density on every bay, low profile at 25mm, high capacity at 150kg and can also be reinforced to hold up to 220kg if required!

MultIPlus 250 the really strong one, a thick 40mm profile shelf has the capacity to take loads of 250kg as standard, plus an extra 80kg if necessary with shelf reinforcers available to take load capacity up to a whopping 330kg. 

MultiPlus 330 the champ! the same extra tough 40mm profile as the MP250 only with even greater abilty to store heavy shelf loads. 330kg as standard or a massive 410kg with optional shelf reinforcers. More than enough for most Shelving requirements.

So if you are looking for that truly versatile storage system; MultiPlus Shelving is the one system answer to the multiple shelving needs of modern commerce.

Versatility, durability, strength, adaptability, and all in one steel shelving system, we havent even mentioned the vast range of accessories and add-ons available to further enhance this superb shelf system.

You can discover more about the other versatile applications and accessories for this award winning shelving system in forthcoming Blogs.

MultIPlus Shelving is available to buy now at 



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