Cantilever Racking - Medium Duty

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Medium Duty Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking K3000 Medium Duty Cantilever Racking for the storage of long and awkward size items.

Medium to heavyweight, lengthy sized goods can all be conveniently stored and retrieved using this top quality cantilever racking system from Schulte.

Select from three different cantilever racking systems to store all types of bars, pipes, sheets, panels, strips, and awkwardly shaped products! Sturdy steel construction, cantilever racking to store bulky, and non-palletised loads.

Build runs of cantilever rack to suit any product length. Easily adjusted cantilever arms with a choice of weight loadings provide plenty of cantilever rack options to suit your specific storage applications.

K3000 industrial cantilever racking from Schulte, the quality system for storing medium duty loads.

Load capacity per arm of 445kgs - total run capacities in excess of 8000kgs

600m deep Single and 1200mm deep Double-Sided versions - made from IPE120 hot rolled sections

Bolted cantilever arms can be easily adjusted for optimum flexibility in increments of 100mm 

3 year product guarantee - product manufactured in Germany

K3000 cantilever Racking is available to buy here as either single sided runs of 3 bays or double sided runs of 3 bays per side.

Both types of cantilever Rack runs feature 3 bays with 4 columns and 5 storage levels including the base level.

Size per bay 2500mm high x 1300mm wide (each bay width) x 600mm deep (1200mm depth on double-sided versions) Overall run length is 3990mm L

K3000 has a choice of contrasting colour options for the Storage Arms, choose from standard Fire Red RAL3000 or Reseda Green RAL6011 or Gentian Blue RAL5010.

Columns and base legs are silver grey RAL7001

Click here for the K6000 racking to store heavy duty cantilever loads 

Sizes offered here are just a small selection of the most popular sellers - if you need other sizes, run lengths or quantities just give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with a quote, tailor made to your individual requirements.

Please be aware that K3000 cantilever racking is made to order, and may take 5- 6 weeks to manufacture.

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