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As we hope you noticed from our last blog; we have a great new range of pallet rack protectors. This new range of rack protection and column guards for vertical pallet rack posts, are made from a really tough recyclable plastic, that provides excellent rack protection without being too brittle. 

A super resilient finish and a three sided shock absorber design, enable the column guards to absorb damage and not just break, split or shatter after receiving an impact from a Fork Lift Truck or other types of mechanical handling equipment.

The triple bumper, wrap around style will also help protect all three exposed sides on a typical pallet rack post without being too obstructive to the storage space and making the pallet loading space any narrower than it needs to be; something you don't always find on lesser models.

The unique design is available in three main sizes to give a more precise fit for the varying types of pallet rack posts that are out there in the various warehouses and stores across Europe.

Customers have asked which is the best protector and size to use for my rack system ? So to help with choosing the ideal rack guard for your pallet racking, we have listed the sizes on this blog, to help when ordering the rack protectors you see featured on

There are two heights available. Either 400mm or 600mm high - most of the dents, and buckles from fork lift impacts occur at the low levels of a racking system.If you are concerned that damage may occur higher up on the racking post, for example where a high first beam level is used, then individual rack guards can also be combined by stacking one on top of each other, so that you can obtain extra high rack protection if needed.

The three widths are designed to suit all pallet racking upright posts - the width is deemed as the measurement taken across the face of the vertical rack post 

RPS600 -  for standard & light profile rack posts 60-80mm -  Sold in boxed in quantity of 6 per carton

RPM600 for medium duty rack post profiles 80-100mm -   Sold in boxed in quantity of 4 per carton

RPL600for heavy duty rack profiles 100-120mm -   Sold in boxed in quantity of 2 per carton

There are also variations in pallet rack profiles from make to make, with the shape of the profile, and again with this protector design we can help achieve the best fit for your rack protection. Some commonly used profiles are shown on the image on this blog page. 

However, if you still need any further help or assistance in choosing the right guard for your pallet racking, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can help point you in the right direction.



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