Guard Rail

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Guard Rail systems to protect and preserve crucial areas in commercial buildings and premises. Our new Guard Rail systems from Mpm form essential low level safety barriers for all workplaces including the warehousing, distribution and logistics industries.

Guard Rails provide an effective line of defence in many workplace sectors where low level guard rail systems form a safe barrier against workflow traffic such as fork lifts, hand pallet trucks, warehouse trolleys and the damage they can impart.

Mpm guard rails are available in two profiles and feature the outstanding Reflex bumper technology and innovative design used for exceptional impact resistance throughout the Mpm safety barrier range.

Supplied with all necessary floor fixings, Mpm guard-rails can be discreetly and quickly fitted to the floor of your premises and configured to your own safety plans.

Available as standard in four lengths to provide a cost effective insurance against workplace traffic accidents.

Both Guard Rail options are available in a highly visible yellow finish with a choice of four lengths:500mm, 750mm, 1000mm and 1500mm long sections

Three more, longer pre-formed lengths of Guard Rail are also available and available on request.

Guard rails are easy to maintain with hidden fixing points situated within the rail profiles to create smooth continuous barrier lines and a tidy finish for easy maintenance and cleaning.


GR90 - Guard Rail 90 - to guard against light traffic loads and hand pallet trucks - 140mm overall height from the ground plus a 90mm section rail profile.

GR90 is available to order in 500mm L - supplied in a quantity of 4 pieces per box and 750, 1000, 1500mm L supplied in a quantity of 2 pieces per box

GR150- Guard Rail 150 - to protect against impacts from heavy loads and fork lift trucks - 200mm overall height from the ground with a 150mm rail profile

GR150 is supplied individually in 500, 750, 1000 and 1500mm sections.

Versatile Protective Guard Rail systems from EquiptoWork.

Free Floor Fixings are included with every guard rail order

Please note Guard Rail 90 products are supplied with M16 galvanised steel expansion bolts for quick floor fixing as standard or can be installed with optional stainless steel bolts and resin fixed for even greater resistance.                                   The heavier section Guard Rail 150 systems are provided with SF20 stainless steel anchor bolts for resin fixing as standard equipment.

 For additional workplace protection Equiptowork also offers the full range of Mpm Safety Bollards - just click the link for more details

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